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Upcoming Middle School Math Webinars

If you are interested in learning new teaching strategies, learning about current education trends or hearing from experts in the math field, please join us for one of our FREE math webinars. Our Webinars are designed to connect educators and administrators to their peers and experts in the field of mathematics to learn how we can better engage students in learning math in the middle grades.

To view or register for webinars from our 2010 Math Webinar Series, visit our main website:

Previously Recorded Webinars

Building Highly Motivating and Intelligent Software Technology for Middle School Math Students

An essential part of keeping students engaged and alleviating anxiety and boredom in math is to personalize each students learning experience. Join us for the first look at how the middle school Math Series MATHia Software was developed to motivate students through personalized learning.

Date Duration  
Recorded on April 19, 2011 30 minutes Watch Now!

Explore Math Topic Progression

Do your students ever ask you the question "When will I ever need to know this once I'm out of school?" Join us for a session that will illustrate a progression of math topic through the entire middle school Math Series Curricula to better connect each unit so that students are able to clearly see how the curricula builds upon itself.

Date Duration  
Recorded on March 15, 2011 30 minutes Watch Now!

Applying Research to Middle School Math Education

It can be hard to engage and motivate middle school students to become successful in math. Join us for this session as we walk through research into how students learn best and what motivates them to strive towards achievements in math.

Date Duration  
Recorded on March 1, 2011 30 minutes Watch Now!

Getting Ready for the Common Core Transition

The middle grades are critical for students to build confidence.
Join us for a discussion about how to prepare students to meet the new common core standards for math.
Learn about strategies for helping students acquire math proficiency and procedural fluency.

Date Duration  
Recorded on December 8, 2010 30 minutes Watch Now!
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Increase Student Achievement in Mathematics Through Personalization

Personalization is the key to minimizing student boredom and anxiety about mathematics.
Join us to learn more about the importance of motivating students by personalizing math instruction.

Date Time  
Recorded on December 14, 2010 37 minutes Watch Now!
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New Product Information Webinars: Featuring the Carnegie Learning® Math Series

Join us for a short informational session to learn about what is in development
for the Carnegie Learning Math Series and MATHia® software.

Date Time  
Previously recorded webinar
featuring Dr. Steven Ritter,
Chief Product Architect
30 minutes Watch Now!
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