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Product Information for the Carnegie Learning Math Series

Our goal is to support your team of teachers, coaches and leaders to obtain the results
that your students deserve.

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The Carnegie Learning Math Series contains textbooks and MATHia software for grades 6-8. Together these instructional materials provide formative assessments, relevant problem-centered activities to develop mathematical reasoning and sense making skills, and technology to personalize learning.

The primary goal of the Carnegie Learning Math Series is to get students to think! We recognize the responsibility of providing instruction that respects the research on how students learn mathematics and believe in a continuous improvement model. Research can be difficult to implement in a practical way. Research shows that there is no magic bullet - there are no shortcuts; learning math requires mental effort. Our materials are designed to provide students with the appropriate tools to think deeply about mathematics and fluently
execute the procedures.

Since the middle grades are critical for students to obtain mastery of mathematics, the courses were developed to align to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Students who complete the series will have a solid foundation to be successful in high school mathematics.

Textbook Solutions

Carnegie Learning Math Series TextbooksCarnegie Learning Math Texts help students make connections among different math concepts and understand mathematical relationships. Students build on prior knowledge and obtain new knowledge by solving real-world problems that relate to their interests in sports, business, environmental science, the arts and more.

Software Solutions

MATHia SoftwareCarnegie Learning offers personalized math software solutions featuring our research-based MATHia software powered by Cognitive Tutor. The software features the most precise method of differentiated instruction available. And our engagement and motivational features keep students coming back for more.

Blended Solutions

MATHia SoftwareCarnegie Learning blended solutions offer a combination of collaborative, student-centered textbook lessons and adaptive MATHia software lessons. Instructors typically use the texts for classroom instruction three class periods per week and spend the additional two periods using technology.

Professional Development Offerings

Carnegie Learning Professional DevelopmentCarnegie Learning is working side-by-side with schools and districts implementing our curricula, and we are dedicated to partnering with you to increase teacher effectiveness and student achievement in mathematics. As you work with our professional services team to build a standards-based, student-centered classroom and effectively integrate technology to inform data-driven instruction, your district will build the capacity you need to raise and sustain student achievement.

Response to Intervention (RTI) Solutions

RTI PyramidThe Carnegie Learning Math Series includes MATHia software, which offers personalized mathematics instruction using the most precise methods of differentiated instruction available. The built-in assessments, engagement features and reports make it a perfect fit for your intervention model. Carnegie Learning offers a three-tiered approach to RI for middle school math students.

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