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Carnegie Learning MATHia® Software Demonstration

You can explore samples of Carnegie Learning MATHia software by clicking the links and images below. The demo problems also allow you to explore the student user interface and dashboard tools. Before you begin, watch this short walkthrough video to help you get started.


MATHia Software: Course 1

Course 1 - Pan Balances and One-Step Linear Equations
Pan Balances and
One-Step Linear Equations

MATHia Software: Course 2

Course 2 - Triangle Properties
Triangle Properties

MATHia Software: Course 3

Course 3 - Frequency and Relative Frequency
Frequency and Relative Frequency

See It, Try It

"See It, Try It" content provides individual instruction that explains the key concepts of a MATHia unit and allows the students to explore these concepts. This content supplements and enhances the content provided in the static lesson content by making use of animation, videos and virtual manipulatives. MATHia contains over 35 "See It, Try It" modules.

Fluency Challenges

Fluency Challenges are game-like activities that provide students the ability to learn basic mathematics well enough that it becomes fluent and thus requires less working memory (which will allow students to more easily learn more advanced topics). Training to fluency requires attention to timing, not just correct performance. While fluency tasks are likely to be, in general, simpler than MATHia tasks, fluency is not just rote memorization. Students become fluent when they have sufficiently integrating the new knowledge, which implies deeper understanding. MATHia contains over 30 Fluency Challenges.

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